About the company

Ścieżka powrotu

pro trans o firmieWe have been dealing with the professional protection of cargo for over 20 years. Our fields of expertise include the protection of containers for maritime transport as well as the protection of cargo for road, rail and air transport.

Our main products are air cushions / dunnage bags, moisture absorbers, insulated hoods and curtains, slip sheets, anti-slip mats and paper as well as other cargo protection materials, such as: corner protectors for straps, handles for locking of part cargo, closing curtains, cargo bands, anti-corrosion and aluminium foils, temperature indicators, shock indicators, tilt indicators, temperature and transport parameter recorders, telescopic poles and struts, locks for semi-trailer doors and systems for filling of empty spaces inside packaging.

In today’s market, with raised client awareness and requirements, there is no company that can afford financial losses and situations in which the client receives a damaged product.

Damage to reputation and loss of trust in the eyes of the contractor are even worse. We strive to prevent such situations. The high-quality materials and innovative solutions we use offer tangible benefits to our clients and minimise the risk of damage to cargo or external packaging.

 We pursue an individual approach to all clients by following their needs and trying to offer efficient solutions to their individual issues. We boast of the full availability of all products included in our range and our short lead times.

Become one of our satisfied clients and join the largest manufacturers representing all industries.

We care about our clients by building long-lasting relationships.

When partnership is established, we ensure assistance in proper cargo protection, professional maintenance and fast servicing.