Ścieżka powrotu

Slip sheet arkusze transportoweStandard transport sheets, i.e. SLIP SHEETS, comprise dividers made of a thin but very durable cardboard. They are manufactured to the same dimensions as a typical 800 mm x 1200 mm EUR pallet or a 1000 mm x 1200 mm pallet. On request other sizes can be produced. SLIP SHEETS can be provided with two or four “wings” (flaps) with a width of 60 mm used for picking up. The quantity and size of the flaps and their arrangement can be modified.

SLIP SHEETS have numerous advantages:

  • Low cost of purchase
  • Savings resulting from the reduction of transportation costs due to weight
  • Better utilisation of the means of transport — low shipping weight and minimum height to increase the quantity of the transported goods
  • Reduction of space required for their transportation and storage — 1000 pieces take up one pallet position with an approximate height of 1 m


  • They do not require fumigation
  • They are environmentally friendly — from the same amount of wood produced from one 50-year-old spruce 1500 dividers or 65 traditional pallets can be manufactured
  • They contain no harmful components (REACH)
  • They are moisture-resistant
  • They are 100% recyclable

What is more SLIP SHEETS can be covered with an anti-slip coating or plastic coating on one side or be entirely made of plastic to be water resistant.

The strength of individual dividers depends on their thickness. They can carry weights of 600 kg to 1800 kg.

SLIP SHEETS are handled by special equipment called PUSH PULL or ROLLERFORKS.

They are covers intended for fast and simple mounting on popular forklifts, both battery-powered and diesel.

PUSH PULL (and ROLLERFORKS) and SLIP SHEETS allow the efficient movement of goods within the warehouse as well as quick loading and unloading of different means of transport, such as trucks, containers, etc. They constitute a modern system replacing the existing work methods.


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