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Barrel lock — locking clamp for barrels


Safety first. A barrel lock is an innovative tool that allows barrels to be fixed to the pallet or semi-trailer floor in an easy and safe manner.

Beczkoblok uklad

Certified solution

The safety and effectiveness of our solution is proved by TÜV certification.

Cost reduction

If you use barrel locks, the following benefits are ensured:

  • Lower cargo weight
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Reduced CO2 consumption
  • Reduced consumption of stretch foil
  • Reduced consumption of strapping
  • No need to maintain logistics in terms of pallet return

Convenient barrel lock use

Low product weight — a single clamp weighs only 100 g.

To protect an entire semi-trailer, only 22 barrel locks are required!

If you use barrel locks, you save time for cargo loading and protection.



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