Ścieżka powrotu

poduszki powietrzne

We are a distributor for Bates Cargo-Pak — a Danish company which in 1975 invented, tested and launched the first dunnage bags in the market. A dunnage bag is placed in the empty space between pallets and inflated using a compressor and a suitable nozzle. Such air cushions fit to the shape of the gap. They lock and immobilise the cargo. Dunnage bags efficiently eliminate any movement and tilting of the goods during transport.


They are extraordinarily strong. Owing to the technologically advanced structure, air cushions can efficiently protect goods weighing up to 42 tonnes.


Disposable and reusable air cushions are available.

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Disposable dunnage bags can be equipped with a unique Flex valve. This valve is capless, which reduces the inflation time and eliminates the risk of human error. The valve is closed automatically when the cushion has been inflated. This type of valve can be rotated by 360° to allow the cushion to be inflated at any angle. Additional benefits of the valve are its structure and location on the cushion. While inflating, hold the inflater parallel to the cushion, which has been to be used in hard-to-reach areas and in very narrow gaps.

Our clients can choose from more than 60 types of air cushion. Please contact us by e-mail or phone. Our expert will help you select suitable dunnage bags.




pochlaniacze wilgoci DewpackMoisture absorbers contain:

- calcium chloride;

- bentonite clay.

The moisture absorbers in our portfolio are delivered in cardboard boxes, with 14 items per box. Such a quantity is sufficient to protect a 20-foot container. For a 40-foot container, this quantity is doubled (2 boxes).

Moisture absorbers are used in transporting various products from the automotive, electronic, agricultural and food, chemical and steel industries.

Based on our experience we can confirm that moisture absorbers are the perfect fit for the purpose, eliminating moisture inside containers.



uchwyty do blokowania

They facilitate cargo protection at the end of a container and lock cargo inside cargo space. They fully protect incomplete layers of goods packed inside a container.

Benefits of handles:

1. Installation time

2. Ease of installation

3. Versatility

4. Resistance to adverse weather conditions

5. Strength

6. 100% recyclable